Spring Fling Weekend!

Just a reminder that the teens classes is cancelled today. Regular classes are on as usual. 

Spring Fling Weekend!

Here are your competitors from CrossFit 782!!

  • Mike Ives & Ann MacLaurin (CrossFit Summerside) - 'Masters of None'
    • Masters Division
  • Lori Cheverie & Nigel MacDonald - 'Snatch Whipped
    • Rx'ed Division
  • Jaymee Chung & Brett Hancock - 'You Hate Us Cause You Ain't Us'
    • Scaled Division
  • Colette Gallant & Luke Hansen - '#burpeesforbreakfast'
    • Scaled Division
  • Holly Cook-Stevenson & Andrew D. Matthews - 'Bonny & Clyde'
    • Scaled Division
  • Katrina Morse & Brett Roberts - 'Team Bootylicious'
    • Scaled Division
  • Anne Ives - 'Head Coach & General Manager'

We are in for a fun filled weekend so make sure you stay updated by following all of the athletes on Facebook. We'll try to keep you all posted on the events of the Spring Fling 2015. 

Stay Humble. Stay Hungry. 

Eat your Vegetables. 

Call your Mother. 

And all that other good shit. 

- Team 782