Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Fun. Soooooo Fun. But please don't snow Wednesday. Tuesday was bad, very bad. Wednesday, don't do Tuesday. 

But here is what we are doing. 


8mins to build on form

  • High Hang Clean + Mid Hang Clean

Starting from position 1 and then position 2 move the bar quickly and get underneath that bar into the bottom of your squat if you can. Very short time to work on building in weight as you will have lots of time to do more reps later on. 


2 rounds

  • 2 mins to complete 3 clean complexes (high hang + mid hang)
  • 1 min rest
  • 2 min ME row for cals
  • 1 min rest
  • 2 min plank
  • 1 min rest

For the clean complex do one set and then drop the bar. Set up again and hit your next set. Remember you have two minutes to complete all three sets so take your time and choose your weight accordingly. On the row go hard and on the plank try to stay as steady as possible. 

- Team 782