Monday, April 27, 2015

Another week is underway and here we are checking this again. 

First things first... big shout out to Carol Craswell and Coach Mike and moving on to the masters qualifier, which they have completed this weekend and will finish tomorrow. 


Back Squats x 3reps x 5sets

After completing some mobility in our squat position we'll work on doing a high volume of squat work to begin the day. Build up in weight each set for today. 


5 rounds for time

  • 10 - 10m shuttle runs
  • 15 goblet squats
  • 20 situps

A nice lung burner to start the week. Move and don't stop. Each day we have a goal...whether it be strength work, skill work, or work on our engines. Today we want to work on those engines and improve our work capacity and lung capacity. Enjoy. 

- Team 782