Friday, April 17, 2015

Here we go again. 

Another partner Friday in store for all of us. Can't wait to see you all in there throughout the day. 


3RM Thruster

Take 10-12 minutes to build up in weight. The bar will start from the ground and you will move smoothly through your thrusters as you make sure your hips are being used to drive the weight overhead before the shoulders become too fatigued. 


Spring Fling Partner WOD

10min EMOM - alternating minutes with your partner

  • 5 thrusters (95/65lbs)
  • ME burpees over the bar

On the first minute partner one will begin with 5 thrusters and then as many burpees as possible for the remainder of the minute. At the start of the minute their partner will do their 5 thrusters and then complete as many burpees as possible. You will do this 5 times each!

Could you ask for any better way to end the week. I don't know the standards exactly for the spring fling so we'll go burpees over the bar to set our own high standard. 

- Team 782