Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To school or not to school.

That is the question. 

And sorry friends, but I do not have the answers right now. But I do know I'll see you tomorrow. 

Great work today on the OHS. We have seen a lot of steady improvement over the past few months with this exercise and hope you are all enjoying making progress with skilled movements like this. 


Clean Complex

  • High Hang Clean
  • Hang Clean
  • Clean

First rep starts with a deadlift from the floor. Try to find a flow through these three reps and see if you can go touch and go on the third rep from the floor. The reps can either be power or squat or a mixture of the two. You will have 15 minutes to work on weight and form. 


12min EMOM

  • 0: Clean Complex
  • 1: 200m Row
  • 2: 20 - 30sec Active Bar Hang

A little work for the forearms to try something new and some skill and power work on the cleans and row. 

- Team 782