Storm Walk 2015

You know how they have Storm Watch 2015 and all sorts of clever captions for photos and videos. Well this is Storm Walk 2015 and this is what it looked like on March 15, 2015... just for the record. 

In other news the gym will be open at some point tomorrow, I just don't know when. I will post something up tonight and tomorrow morning in regards to the morning class, but unless the plows make it out very soon we are looking at getting started later in the day. 

If you need to get your 15.3 open WOD in, like I do, send me a message and we'll make it work for you. Your wish is my command. As well I needed that walk today to walk off parts of the 1lb of breakfast I enjoyed for brunch. Maple bacon. Try it. 

As well if you are watching netflix all day or watching kids all day; have a think about this. What kind of social event do we want to have on the weekend of the final open announcement. Again PM me with ideas. 

- Team 782