Saturday, March 14, 2015

Let me get this all out on paper first. 

Open WOD 15.3


14min AMRAP

  • 7 muscle ups
  • 50 WBS (20lbs to 10' target/14lbs to 9' target)
  • 100 DU's 


14min AMRAP

  • 50 WBS (20lbs to 9' target/10lbs to 9' target)
  • 200 Single Unders

If you are in the masters or teens we'll talk before your workout. 

This is not a workout that should scare you. For most of the population this is a workout that should test their lungs and also give them a goal if they so desire a muscle up. The open is all about community and cheering one another one no matter what the workout. Those doing the scaled workout should be proud and cheered on just as loud as those doing the rx'ed workout because that is where they are right now in their fitness journey. Enjoy the workout. Enjoy those around you. If you are nearly there, try your darndest to get that muscle up, but if you are not there, don't fret and set your goals for the upcoming year. The CrossFit Games, starting with the open, is about finding the best in the world, while building the community within the box. This workout does just that if we choose to act that way. 

We will also be open from 3 until 5 for open gym for those who want to do the workout. Especially with the storm coming Sunday. 

- Team 782