Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hi guys. 

Watch this video when you have a few hours. it will totally get you inspired for the open Totally.

And remember register for the open. ASAP. It's totally worth it. Imagine if we had half of our members registered for the open. How BADASS would that be. 


Ring Dips x 5-7reps x 3sets

Work on ring dip holds and then banded and partner ring dips. Keep your elbows nice and tight on both the way down and then way up. 


4min AMRAP x 3 - rest 2mins b/w rounds

  • 4 ring dips (or 6 pushups)
  • 8 box jumps
  • 12 KBS

Be nice and controlled with the ring dips and then move smoothly through the other two movements. 

- Team 782