Friday, February 20, 2015

i'm here on a Thursday finishing up some work for my education program. (Storm days don't mean we don't have anything to do!) And now writing this post after seeing many members find the secret locks to my sparkling past. 

It has been quite the week, but things seem to be getting back on schedule at the gym. We have the open coming up very soon. I want to see how many people from our gym we can get registered for the event. The more the merrier. It looks like we will be holding an event on Saturday for the open, but stay tuned for details. 

Sign up here if you haven't already:


Part A:

Back Squats x 3reps x 3sets @ 75%

Part B: 

Front Rack Walking Lunges x 6reps x 4sets

I have tried to get pieces of everything in that I wanted to work on this week. We'll warmup as usual and get into our squats and from there we'll move onto our front rack walking lunges going across the floor. You can alternate with a partner for these to minimize the amount of bars that are on the floor at once. i didn't want to back squat again on Friday, but most people didn't get to squat Tuesday and I wanted everyone to get it in this week. 


Partner Fridays. Wahoo

5 rounds each. Alternating rounds with your partner. 

  • 10 pullups or ring rows
  • 10 burpees

We are looking at a minute or so a round. Go quickly and get your partner to move. Push hard after working safely on those pullups or ring rows. 

- Team 782