Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Storm Day Adventures III

Sorry about my post last night. My roommate was rushing me as he wanted to get our second rom-com in of the day, Love Actually, and I had to speed up the posting process. My creativity was at an all time low. 

I have not been on my daily storm day expedition yet, but I have looked outside of every window of my house and the snow is still there. My guy has finally showed up to snow blow my driveway. Going outside after I write this to see how the driving is going to go. 

And here is all the news you have been waiting for. As I have perused the internet for cancellations and updates about the storm I have found that EVERYTHING is closed. (Well except maybe Tim Hortons, but they will be open during the apocalypse.) We are going to open the gym from 2 until 5(ish) this afternoon after I get there to check out the parking conditions and I am sure shovel out a pathway to the door! 

I'l update you all once I make it there. We will have open gym and I'll have a workout posted on the board you can do that as well. Any questions give me a message. 

- Team 782