Storm Day Adventures II

So it's day two here on CrossFit 782's Island Storm watch. 

So far I have woke up. Great start. Ate bacon and pancakes. Watched endless hours of Netflix. (Don't judge me on my Grey's Anatomy not so secret obsession.) Had a cup of coffee. Looked out the windows. Geared up. And went on my daily Storm Day Adventure.

My roommate Logan joined me today. We walked the full square around our suburb in knee deep snow. Now that was a workout. (Coming up next at CrossFit 782... Drift Lunges... no weight required.) Now time for more coffee (and maybe some Bailey's this time...Luke Hansen?) 

All that just to say unless there is an Islander Day miracle it doesn't look like I will be making it to the gym today. (Unless someone wants to come pick me up on their snowmobile... I am thinking this is a Mike Mayne sort of thing.) 

I'll keep you updated later today on how things are looking for tomorrow. Until then, hope this post joyfully occupied the last two minutes of your day. If you want more like this please like to show your support. 

- Team 782