Saturday, February 14th, 2015 or Valentine's Day

No Love here. 

Well maybe a little. But definitely a WOD worth doing. We have an open style workout on hand with a few minor adjustments.


  • Power Clean x 2reps
  • T2B x 6reps

We will take 10 minutes to work on these two movements. They are both in the workout and we want to find what scale and weight you will be working on that can get you through the workout. 


15min AMRAP

  • 6 Power Cleans (145/100lbs)
  • 9 T2B or K2E
  • 12 WBS

We have taken open workout 11.5 (from way back in the day) and scaled it appropriately for the workouts we believe you will be seeing this year from looking at workouts in the past. We have shortened the time frame and changed the rep scheme to match this.

Here is how to manage the workout. MAYBE for the first round do the reps in two sets or unbroken, but I would advise you to break up the reps from the very beginning for the cleans. Do singles and rest very little in between your reps. This will save your grip down the road and allow you to keep moving. For the T2B try to go unbroken for a couple of rounds, but break it into manageable sets once you become fatigued. The wallball shots are manageable enough to do in one set, but if you find yourself waiting to long before or after break them into two sets. See you soon.

- Team 782