Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday. Hump Day. 

Time to get crackin'.


2 rep Thruster - 12 minutes to work up in weight. 

This is from the ground so the first rep will be a squat clean thruster or a power clean and then a thruster for two reps. The goal here is to work on that drive out of the squat and there is no better way to do that than to force you to drive that weight over head. 


I am excited for this one. 

  • 3 rounds increasing in weight each round
    • 20 step ups
    • 15 front squats (75/55lbs) (115/75lbs)
    • 20 step ups
    • 15 front squats (95/65lbs) (135/95lbs)
    • 20 step ups
    • 15 front squats (115/75lbs) (155/105lbs)

From the chatter around the gym today everyone's legs are feeling pretty good even with the overhead squats on Monday, but the shoulders are pretty lit up. That is completely normal given how well everyone was doing getting into a good position. That takes a toll on the shoulders holding a solid position. Choose a weight you can go unbroken the first round. Move up from weight from there. Play it from there. 

- Team 782