Friday, December 4, 2015


Look at it outside!

Our policy for the weather this year will be the same as last year. For our 6am classes we'll have something posted online by 530am that morning both on Facebook and here. If there is a storm check on here no matter what it looks like the night before. Throughout the day we will keep you updated on here and on Facebook so check when necessary. Even with the weather we had last year we only had to cancel TWO FULL DAYS and we hope to give you the same opportunities in the gym this year, weather permitting. If we can get to the gym at all, it'll be open. 


Pullup Progressions or Muscle up Progressions

  • Banded pullups, partner pullups, pullup holds, jumping pullups, pullups
  • Muscle up transitions, ring dips, ring pullups

If you have 2-3 GOOD STRICT pullups we'll have you working on your transitions for the muscle up. If you are still working on your pullups we'll help you get better at pulling yourself up off the edge of a cliff! Each person is on there own journey and will be supported fully along the way!


Partner Chipper

  • 1K Row
  • 15 Muscle ups or 30 Pullups or 40 Ring Rows
  • 30 WBS
  • 120 DU's
  • 30 WBS
  • 15 Muscle ups or 30 Pullups or 40 Ring Rows
  • 1K Row

Enjoy this beauty of a workout, if I don't say so myself. 

- Team 782