Wednesday, December 23, 2015


An update for our schedule. 

We'll be having our regular 6am class on Thursday morning with open gym to follow for that day from 10 until 1! 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send us a message when you can. Love that you are all still coming in and having a great time doing so!


Clean Complex - 20 - 25 mins - 8 - 12 sets

  • Power Clean
  • Clean
  • Hang Clean

The first rep must be a power clean. That is your starting movement. For your second two movements you can either power clean them or squat clean them depending on what you feel more comfortable with. What I would recommend is alternating between the two, power and squat. Building up in weight on the movement you are comfortable with and for the movement you aren't so comfortable with, working on form. Get in lots of sets for this complex as you work in proficiency. 


3 rounds

  • 60sec plank
  • 30 Situps
  • 30sec hollow hold 

After our hard work on the cleans this is more of a core finisher than a conditioning workout. We most likely all won't start this at the same time, but we'll have a clock running so you can move through these 3 movements working on quality for each part of the workout. 

- Team 782