Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello there!

We have some big work to do here! Tomorrow the fitness community of PEI, led by our very own Rob Lantz, is raising money for the Newcomers Association of PEI, to help refugees from Syria. We will be accepting donations at the gym throughout the day. 

Just a reminder that we will be running two classes this Saturday at 8am and 9am. Classes on Sunday will run as usual. On Saturday night we have the legendary party at the Lee's place! 

We have our current fundamentals crew wrapping up this weekend. Our next fundamentals class will be starting next Wednesday, a week from today!

Strength & Conditioning

Snatch Pulls x 2reps x 5sets (10mins)

For the snatch pulls we'll work at or above our 1RM. After a solid barbell warmup we'll hit these reps to build on that strength on our pull from the ground. The bar should feel heavy as we lift it off the ground and the speed starts once we get to mid thigh. 

High Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch

15mins to work on form (6-8sets)

We'll take some time here to work on our snatch form. They can either be power or full, but hopefully a bit of both, some with light weight and others with heavy weight so you can work on a weakness, but also add some weight to the bar. 

Accessory Work

  • Accumulate 30 GHD Situps
  • Accumulate 2mins in a plank

After the workout take some time to strengthen your core. What we have attached above is what we recommend, but take a bit of time to work on what you want and need to get better at.

- Team 782