Thursday, December 17, 2015

One week til Christmas Eve! Wowzers!

Glad to see everyone continuing to come in and do their work leading up to the holidays. Very motivational for myself as a coach and as an athlete. People are moving very well and staying consistent with their movements and as always the work ethic can't be matched.


Rowing Technique & Efficiency

Take some time during the warmup to make sure your rowing is on point as you will be seeing lots of it during the workout. 


  • 1000m Row
  • 75 Situps
  • 50 Plate G2OH (45/25lbs) (35/15lbs) (25/10lbs)
  • 75 Situps
  • 1000m Row

This one is all about the 50 plate G2OH. This is a beautiful little extension movement. Make sure you are working your hips before your shoulders to get that weight up overhead. Open your hips and then pull the weight up over your head in one smooth motion. Crush that last row.

- Team 782