Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hope you are all stay warm and safe at home this evening! 

It seems like we are in store for another messy evening of snow and ice. If you have to be on the roads drive with caution and get to where you are going!

Check Facebook in the morning for class updates, but assume we are good to go unless you hear otherwise!


Pullup Progressions

For those working on your strict pullups:

  • 3-4 banded or partner strict pullups x 3sets
  • 10-15 sec bar hang x 2sets
  • 6-8 deep ring rows x 2sets

For those that have strict pullups

  • 3-4 strict ring pullups x 2sets
  • 4-6 kipping pullups x 2sets
  • 6-8 box ring row rows x 2sets

It doesn't have to be done in any particular order and you can alternate between these 3 movements. If you feel like you are somewhere in between, work on stringing together more strict pullups to build that strength for your kipping pullups. 


3 rounds for time

  • 12 C2B or Pullups or 18 Ring Rows
  • 18 Box Jump Overs or Step Overs

Move efficiently. Being efficient will be fast. Don't burnout those forearms too early on and have to stare at the bar for 30seconds.

- Team 782