Tuesday, December 15, 2015

G'day ladies and gentlemen!

Make sure you check here or on Facebook if you are unsure whether or not the classes will be a go due to the storm. 

We'll be there everyday we can be there!


Clean Pulling Strength

  • Clean Pulls x 3reps x 3sets @ 95-105% of 1RM

We squat to improve our strength standing up the bar and we do our clean pulls to work on pulling that bar has high as we can before we get underneath the bar. Be focused and work with purpose on each set. 


  • 20 Double Unders or 60 Single Unders
  • 5 Power Cleans (165/11lbs) (115/75lbs) (75/55lbs)
  • 20 DU's or 60 SU's
  • 4 Power Cleans (185/125lbs) (125/85lbs) (85/60lbs)
  • 20 DU's or 60 SU's 
  • 3 Power Cleans (205/135lbs) (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs)
  • 20 DU's or 60 SU's
  • 2 Power Cleans (215/140lbs) (155/105lbs) (105/70lbs)
  • 20 DU's or 60 SU's
  • 1 Power Clean (225/145lbs) (165/110lbs) (115/75lbs)

Start with the weight you want to finish with and work your way backwards for how to set up. We'll most likely hit this in two heats after we spending 10-15 minutes working on hitting a few clean reps for form practice. 

- Team 782