Monday, November 9, 2015


Welcome back to another week at 782. Hope life has been good to you over the weekend and you are ready to get into another week!

We are still looking for judges and volunteers for the Island Throwdown coming up on the 28th of November. Remember that we have our Christmas party that night as well at Charlotte Bevan's place. We all know how good that is going to be!!

Strength & Conditioning

Interval Training

  • 250m row x 4 - rest 1 minute between sets
  • 20 burpees x 4 - rest 1 minute between sets
  • 25 MB situps x 4 - rest 1 minute between sets

What we have here is 3 - 7 to 10 minute workouts. (You have 10 minutes to complete the 4 sets of each movement.) Go hard for your set and earn your minute of recovery before completing your next set. We'll take 2 minutes to transition between movements. You will stay on the same movement for your 4 sets. 

- Team 782