Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Only a few more days til the comp!!

Again, let us know what we can do to help you get ready for the day and what you can do for yourself to make you the best on that day. 


  • Muscle ups
  • Muscle up transitions
  • Pullups

For those working on muscle ups, we'll work on a heavy volume during the strength to help you practice your transitions and movement. For those working on pullups, we'll spend a good amount of time working on getting you on the bar. For those planning on doing muscle ups in the workout we'll manage the volume and work on other parts of the workout. 


  • 8 Muscle Ups or 16 Pullups
  • 16 OH Lunges
  • 24 MB Situps
  • 32 Burpees on a plate
  • 24 MB Situps
  • 16 OH Lunges
  • 8 Muscle ups or 16 Pullups

A little up and a little down. Move smoothly up the ladder and don't redline today. You will use the same plate for your lunges and for the burpees. We'll make sure everyone has the appropriate scale so you get the most out of this workout.

- Team 782