Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3rd!! But it was so beautiful here today! 

Are we really in for a mild winter?!

Say it ain't so...

in other news here is your workout for tomorrow and I can't wait!


Snatch High Pull x 3reps x 5sets @ 70-80% of 1RM - (1 set every 2 mins - 10mins total)

This movement here will take us through the 1st and 2nd pull of the snatch. Getting the bar from the ground, through mid thigh and then reaching hip extension, shrugging, and pulling the elbows high. And it is in that order. We have to make sure we get those hips open before we shrug and drive the elbows high. 

Tall Snatch x 3reps x 5sets @ light, light weight!! (1set every 2 minutes - total of 10mins)

This is where we work on that 3rd pull. Getting ourselves under the bar as quickly as possible. This is not from the hang position. This is from a still position where all you are doing is shrugging, pulling your elbows high, but most importantly aggressively pulling yourself underneath the bar. Weight will vary anywhere from the PVC pipe to 95lbs. 


  • Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch x 5sets - building in weight

As you can tell today our focus is on the snatch. To finish the day we'll be tying our two movements together (taking out the pull from the ground) and making this complex movement a little better one step at a time for each and everyone of you. 

- Team 782