Thursday, October 7, 2015


It's Wednesday! Wahoooooooooo!

Time to squat. Can't get much better than that. 


Front Squat x 5 @ 75%; x 3 @ 85%; x ME @ 95%

This is all based off of 90% of your 1RM. Hit that last set hard. We will be retesting our 1RMs again in a couple of weeks and this is where we make gains. 


Buy In: 750m row

15 - 10 - 5

  • OHS (115/75lbs) (95/65lbs) (75/55lbs)
  • Pullups 

Cash Out: Accumulate 2 mins in a plank

If the overhead squats are too hard on your body now we will go for front squats as we want that same stimulus for the workout. Go hard and push yourself on this one.

- Team 782