Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hello everyone. 

Wonderful little week of lifting and moving so far. Each class is rolling through the workouts in a nice little pace and with their own little flair. People are starting to get pumped for the Island Throwdown and coming up even sooner, the Ladies Night at 782. Friday, November 13 at 630pm to be exact. Looking forward to hearing about what all you ladies have in store for that night at the gym. Bars, Burpees and some beverages. Water of course. 


DU practice - Work it, work it, work it!

If you have them try to get more proficient on them or choose another skill to work on instead, but don't do a crazy amount of volume before this workout. 


15min Time Cap

  • 150 DU's OR 50 DU attempts + 100 SU's OR 450 SU's
  • 50cal row
  • 50 Russian KBS
  • 25 Pullups or Ring Rows
  • 25 WBS

Do you really wanna finish all those WBS? Yes you do, yes you do! Pace yourself out of the gate and then move fast, sticking to a solid strategy to get through the workout. 

- Team 782