Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Love all the work everyone put in today. I know the shoulders and arms will be feeling it tomorrow!! It's this kind of stuff that will keep you safe and really get you that upper body strength you need and want. 

We have the other side of CrossFit tomorrow, our 1RM heavy lifting. 


1RM Front Squat

Same sequence we worked on in the deadlift. Starting with a couple of light sets for 5 reps and then go to a couple of heavier weights for 3 reps each set and then starting hitting that big weight for your singles! Try to hit your PR on your second or third single. 

We will spend a good 20-25 minutes hitting this weight as there is no rush to get to the workout. We want this to be your focus 


2 rounds

  • 30 Russian KBS
  • 20 Box Jumps or Step ups

Something to finish the day with after a lot of heavy work on our squats. 

- Team 782