Huge Weekend for '782

Just reading through all the conversations on Facebook and was struck by what a great community we have at ‘782. My apologies for a somewhat long post but a lot happened.

 Lydia, Scott, Lori, Dave, Ashley, Brodie, Ryan and Zach. Loving the photobomb.

Lydia, Scott, Lori, Dave, Ashley, Brodie, Ryan and Zach. Loving the photobomb.

 Courtesy of Dave Hyndman on race day.

Courtesy of Dave Hyndman on race day.

It was an incredible weekend on the Island with Ryan, Brodie, Ashley, Dave, Lydia, Lori, Dave, Scott and Zach winning the Marathon Relay in some very challenging conditions. Apparently, a few of you had to run through a snow storm.

Congratulations guys … I really missed being there but was incredibly proud of how you all performed in a tight race with a very solid team from CrossFit Court 6.

I can’t wait to hear some of the stories that come out of this but I know everyone is incredibly proud of you guys. This is the one big thing that we have to show others how good CrossFit is for people and you guys were awesome.


Off-Island a few of us competed at the Atlantic Shootout in Fredericton. Caley, Jill, Aaron and Geoff were in a very tough division with over 20 teams (some of whom would have done fine in Rx in any other comp) and just missed the podium. They were in third place almost all weekend over 9 individual, partner and team workouts. It was only an extremely technical final with chest To bar pull ups and squat snatches that pushed them to fourth.

I was incredibly proud of them as a coach seeing not only how much they improved in such a short time (including setting PR’s throughout the weekend for example) but also the composure they had through some challenging workouts. You guys crushed it and I’m looking forward to seeing you do it again.


In the Masters Division, Anne MacLaurin from CF Summerside and I teamed up with Heather Wood from CF Quispamsis and Raymund Hodgson from CF Saint John. We had a great team that complimented each other well on all the different workouts this weekend. 

Watching the blinding speed of Heather and Anne (who have both competed individually at Regionals) on the pull up bar or moving a barbell was humbling. Equally so, seeing Ray reach the last bar in the Clean & Jerk ladder despite a wrist injury over the last year was incredible. 

In addition to being great athletes they are all great coaches and it was a lot of fun to bounce ideas off them and to coach and be coached by each other. It was an honour and a privilege to compete alongside them.

shootout podium.jpg

A little further away in Ottawa Tanya attended the L1 at CrossFit Closer. She lucked out getting a small group (that size is usually only reserved for L2 type courses) so I can only imagine how much she learned.

Congratulations Tanya ... in addition to making yourself an even better athlete, what you learned will help the rest of us and I look forward to you sharing what you have learned with the rest of us. 

Between this weekend and Brett getting his L2 last week, I think I’ve run out of super positive adjectives so I'll stop for now. Can't wait to get back to the gym.