Friday, October 16, 2015

Hello there!

As we move into the fall here and then deep into the winter I am excited about what we can accomplish and how we can accomplish it here at CrossFit 782. The weekend provided me wit a chance to step back and analyze what I am doing and why I am doing it and make a few little tweaks to the general philosophy I have with CrossFit. As a whole the weekend was great to review that general philosophy. 

My final take away from the weekend was to live and do with purpose. Whatever you do, whatever you say... must have a purpose. If I am going to say sit back on the heels, am I just saying it to say it or will it really help them get into a better squat. As with life when we do things with purpose we feel rewarded, accomplished and the task, for the most part, gives us a sense of direction. 

For my coaching, whether it be a standard cue or the outline to a year's long programming plan, each idea I tackle should be done to make your lives better in the gym so you can live better out of the gym. For my training it is the same thing. Am I doing this because it is Rx'ed and I want to be tough or am I doing it because it will make me better tomorrow than I was today. Life is full of things we do just because we have to do them. If we can make more of those things in life have a purpose, the more, I believe, we will get out of life. 

In and out of the gym. Live with passion. Live with purpose. 


Strict Press x 5reps x 3sets

Take this time to work on your deload weights so as to recover for next week. This should only take us 10 minutes and should be used as a warmup going into the next part. 


With a partner complete the following descending ladder

  • Power Cleans & Jerks
  • 10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2

I am jacked up to do this workout! Partner A will do 10 reps of their clean and jerks. Partner B will than do 10 reps of their Clean and Jerk. After that partner A will move on to their set of 8 and partner B will move on to their set of 8. Each set you want to do touch and go and with each set you want to increase in weight. Take as much as time as you need through each set, but when you grab onto that bar, don't let go. 

For example it would look like this:

Partner A: 10reps @ 135lbs, 8reps @ 155lbs, 6reps @ 165lbs, 4reps @ 185lbs, 2reps @ 195lbs

Partner B: 10reps @ 65lbs, 8reps @ 75lbs, 6reps @ 95lbs, 4reps @ 105lbs, 2reps @ 110lbs


During the final 10 minutes each individual will pick a weakness and attack it before heading home. That could be mobility, muscle ups, pullups, handstands, squat holds, KBS, T2B, etc. 

- Team 782