Friday, January 30, 2015

Hope you all are having a good night or day or whenever you are looking at this. 

It's time for partner Friday!

Just something I was thinking about over the past few days during the storm after reading a few of those articles that I posted. While the workouts are up there for everyone to do, scaling the workouts should be something done when needed. Never feel bad about changing a movement or scaling the standard if that makes the workout better for you and helps you long term. Always ask us if you are unsure and what is going on and we will make sure we accommodate you. 

If you watch Greys, enjoy. 


Strict Pullups x 4-6reps x 4sets

Ring Rows x 6-8reps x 4sets

For both movements you want to find a scale where you can do the number of reps with good form. That means finding a good hollow position and staying strong through the core during the entire movement. You can alternate between the movements and try to only rest 60 seconds between your sets. 


5 rounds each for time with a partner. Alternate Rounds. 

  • 10 Pullups or Ring Rows (maybe a mixture of both)
  • 15 WBS

Partner Holds a weighted plank. 

- Team 782