Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So first things first, I'm the realest. 

But really, first things first. Before you take off to the gym check out our Facebook page and website to see if classes are on. I'll be up at 5 to make a posting for the 6am class and will keep it updated throughout the day. The storm looks to be coming earlier than we thought so we'll see where we go depending on the weather. 

if we do have a workout here is what we have on store. If not I'll post a workout you can do at home if you wish. 


Back Squat x 3r x 3s

Work on form and speed through these reps

WBS x 30sec on:30sec off x 3sets


8min Ascending Ladder

  • 4 WBS
  • 4 MB Situps
  • 8 WBS
  • 8 MB Situps
  • 12 WBS
  • 12 MB Situps
  • 16,16...

- Team 782