Tuesday, January 20. 2015

What do we got on here Tuesday. 

Lots of fun things. 


1. Ring or Bar Strict Pullups x 4sets (9mins)

This is a progression into your muscle ups. With a band or partner you will work on 4 sets of ring pullups. Go for a low amount of reps, but solid reps. 

2. Rowing Intervals - 1:2 (work to rest ratio) x 3sets (9mins)

If there are more than 10 people in class we'll have half the class work on the rowing and the other half work on the pullups. The pace should be all out. It is a rest of 2 mins after working for 1 minute. The quads should burn. 


9min AMRAP

  • 18 abmat situps
  • jog
  • 9 KBS
  • jog

A core couplet. One to target the front and one to target the back. A nice little jog to rest and break them up. 

- Team 782