Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday. Be there. 

It's open season. Time to do some strength, but we'll keep the rep scheme low and ask that you keep the weight low throughout the strength portion. That means you can push the conditioning to a point you have never gone before. You have the strength from the past months, now it is time to really put your lungs to the test. 


Front Squats x 3s x 3r


Pistol Squat

Unless you want to competing at the games, the pistol squat is not something you need to be doing daily. Today we'll take a peak at it because it is a great way to test mobility and good for finding differences in the strenght and mobility of your legs. We'll work on these with boxes, bands, and partners. 


3 rounds

  • 30 DU's or 90 SU's  
  • 9 deadlift 
  • 6 front squats
  • 3 push jerks
    • Rx: 115/75lbs; Comp: 155/105lbs

Weight should be chosen where you can do the first complex unbroken. The second one, maybe not. The third one. We'll let you decide. 

- Team 782