Friday, January 16, 2015


In my spare time I like to do a lot of reading. History, Sports, War, Health, Politics, Training, People, Programming... The list goes on and on. Throw me anything and I'll probably give it a read. Right now I have been reading a lot about the conflicts in the Middle East and about the movement patterns of our bodies. Little different, both very interesting. I won't weigh you down with too much information on the former subject, but here are a couple of articles I was able to read the past couple of days.

I (re)stumbled upon this site recently and have taken some time to read over their posts. This is a coach and program that has a lot of respect within the CrossFit community because what they do is fun, what they do is safe, and what they do allows for people to reach their potential in and out of the gym. All things we value here at CrossFit 782. I agreed with a lot of what I was reading and was able to pick up a few new ideas along the way and hopefully you will get a chance to have a read through these two articles over the weekend. 

Now here is what we have in store today. Warning. Don't be scared. New shouldn't be intimidating. It should be looked upon as a challenge. I don't want any late night messages (Jaymee and Katrina) boycotting the WOD because it doesn't fit with your lifestyle. 


Back Squat x 20reps x 1 set

You will do it. Your body will recover and it will adapt to the load. You will get stronger and you will get better at the game of Life. 

This may be your first time doing this, so start light. You will see it again down the road. Do a few warm up sets (4) of low reps, medium weight and then hit a challenging set of 20 that will make counting from 16 to 20 slow and inaudible. 


Partner 30:30 x 4 rounds

  • WBS
  • Partner V ups
  • OH Walking Lunge
  • Quick Feet 

A couple of new movements coupled with two classic CrossFit movements. The quick feet drill is used to increase agility and speed, two very important components of CrossFit. I hope to see more of these drills in the future. 

- Team 782