Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday it is. 

Come in today to work on some overhead squats. These are a pain for a lot of people. They are tough and take a lot of patience, but they are something that will increase your core strength and mobility ten fold. Just keep working on them efficiently and safely. 


Snatch Balance + 2 OH Squats - 15 minutes

Squat to an appropriate depth where you can maintain form and then complete 3 front squats in between your sets to get your strength in. 


7min ascending ladder

  • 1 OH Squat (or front squat)
  • 1 KBS
  • 2 OH Squats (front squats)
  • 2 KBS
  • 3 OHS (front squats)
  • 3 KBS
  • ....

- Team 782