Monday, January 12, 2014


Hope you all recovered Sunday from those deadlifts and WBS. I know my body was a bit achy and tight, but feeling better tonight and ready for tomorrow. We start to go a bit longer and work on those skills that you usually don't see as 'skills.' Working on moving efficiently as we get into a part of our programming where we look to improve the capacity of our lungs and muscular endurance. 


Box Jumps

Work on form for those and an efficient jump, either rebounding or stepping down. The focus will also be on soft landings and landing as high as possible so we are not doing a box jump/squat. We'll also work on our step ups and be as fast as we can on those. 


10 rounds for time

  • 5 box jumps or step ups
  • 5 push presses Rx: (95/65lbs) 
  • 5 pullups or ring rows

This will be on our lungs as we keep the weight light on the push presses and keep moving through the three exercises. 

- Team 782