Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wild, Wild Wednesdays!

See you in there soon for some training! We are on to our Olympic Lifts again on a Wednesday and we can't wait to see you in there. Today the focus is going to be a bit more on going shoulder to overhead in the best way possible. 

Strength - Part 1

1 Hang Clean + 2 Split Jerks - 10mins to build in weight. 

Get the bar to your shoulders and work at that weight from there. Work on the positioning of your feet and get under that bar fast. 

Strength - Part 2

10min EMOM

  • 0: 1 hang clean + 2 split jerks 
  • 1: 40 second weight plank 

For the first part use the weight you had built up to during the first strength phase and for the second part put the weight on your back and do a pushup to get into a plank.


1000m row - An all out dash. Go. 

We'll be breaking this up into heats. 

Just to get you fired up. 

- Team 782