Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Funday!

Come in and shake off the cold and sweat it out for a partner workout this Friday!


Back Squat x 2rep x 6sets; building up to 95% of your one rep max. 

Another day to get stronger in that squat. On Tuesday we hit a high rep scheme for our squats and today we'll hit something a bit lower to build that pure strength component. Start light and build your weight up to a couple of heavy sets. 


Complete 6 rounds with your partner. Alternate movements with your partner. Partner 1 does movement A and then partner 2 be does movement B and partner 1 does movement C to complete the round.  

  • 20cal row
  • 20 WBS
  • 20 box jumps

If we have more than 10 people for the workout we'll stagger out the start on the movements, but it will be tough either way. Each person will end up doing 60 reps of each movement. 

- Team 782