Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sweet Squats today everyone!

See you all on Wednesday. 

As I was saying to a few of the classes this week as we approach the open we are moving from our strength movements to our power movements and then once we hit January and February we'll see some longer conditioning workouts.


3 Position Snatch - High Hang, Low Hang, Full. 

Warmup with a 2-3 light sets and then hit 5-6 sets while increasing the weight. - 20mins

The same complex as we did last week with our 3 position clean. Focus on that last pull before dropping underneath the bar. Be patient with that bar. 


1 min work - 1 min rest 

  • 1 min SNATCH (with good form... only hit 3-4 during the minute and try dropping after each rep to set up a good start position each time.) 
  • 1 min rest
  • 1 min ME (max effort) ROW FOR METERS
  • 1min rest
  • 1 min ME KBS FOR REPS (tight core through the entire movement.)
  • 1 min rest
    • x 3 rounds

Hit the row and the KBS hard. Don't stop for the entire minute. Get as many reps as possible with good form. On the snatches, focusing on getting a few good reps with a challenging weight. 

- Team 782