Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Hope you all have your Christmas shopping done?! And you can devote all that free time to the gym! :) And family and friends. (But we know all your real friends do CrossFit... muahahaha!) Speaking of that, don't forget our Fundamentals gift card to share with your other friends that want to do CrossFit!


Front Rack Lunges x 4reps x 5sets

Once you have warmed up starting building up in weight for this tough movement. Keep your core tight and your legs in proper alignment as you grind out these reps.


2 rounds

  • 40 partner MB situps 
  • 40 cal row
  • 40 partner WBS
  • 40 shuttle sprints

Two of the movements you will do together and the other two movements are done with one partner working and one partner resting. You will have to move on this one!

- Team 782