Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fantastic job today with the handstand pushups. 

Everyone seems to be showing a lot of progress through these movements and you will be seeing lots more technical movements through this month and into the new year as we continue to build upon our skills. 

The platforms are all fixed up and look great and should be much better for what we have in store today. 


Front Squats x 4r x 4s @ 75-80%

This will be some heavy weight for a good amount of reps and sets. Warm up to this weight accordingly and hit 4 sets at a similar weight


8 rounds

  • 2 squat cleans (185/115lbs)
  • 4 pullups or ring rows

Don't let the amount of rounds scare you as this is an interesting little workout. Scale the weight as needed for the squat cleans, but remember that we shouldn't be able to do this unbroken. After the first round or two it should be one rep at a time with the pullups or a ring rows as a nice little break from our squats. 

- Team 782