Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday! Can I get a T.G.I.M!

It's time to train. It's time to CrossFit. That means to get better at EVERYTHING. CrossFit involves everything from the air squat to the 'back flip muscle up toes to bar overhead squat.' (well maybe I made that one up.) It means doing the things that are sexy, 'the rainbow unicorn perfect snatch', to the things that suck, the two hour burpee mile, and again, everything in between. (If you want to know what the burpee mile is please inquire this week.) Sometimes we get too caught up in training our weaknesses and strengths and we lose focus on why we are training in the first place. We train because we want to get better at the things we suck at. We train because we have an amazing group of people around us to help us not suck so much at those things. We train because it makes us mentally stronger than we were yesterday. We train because it's fun. (Most of the time.) We train because it makes the challenges we face in life that much easier to handle. We all have our different reasons to train each and everyday, but no matter what those reasons are they are all worth it. Stayed focused on your goals and keep up the amazing work you are all doing. See you tomorrow.


Pendlay Row x 5reps x 5sets

I have noticed in our programming we need a bit more work on our upper and middle back and our pulling motions in our Olympic lifts. Last week you saw ring rows and today we are going to be working on Pendlay or Bent over rows. These are fantastic for developing the entire upper back, rear delts, and lats, giving us a much stronger pull for our Olympic lifts and in our pullups.


9min AMRAP

  • 6 T2B
  • 9 Pushups
  • 12 MB Slams