Friday, November 21, 2014


Looks like snow out there again today folks. Luckily we’ll warm you up here at CrossFit 782 and we have another partner WOD being thrown your way, which is always a blast!

  • Here we go.


Ring Rows x 6-8 x 5sets

We’ll be working on these in a different way this morning. Do not underestimate this movement. It is also going to keep us safe and functional during any movement where we have to stabilize our shoulders. Which in CrossFit is like every movement!


2 Partner 10min AMRAPs


  • 15cal Row
  • 30 DU’s

Partner A does a full round and then partner B completes a full round. Pass off back and forth for 10 minutes. If a partner cannot complete DU’s they will do 60 single unders


  • 10 – 10m shuttle run
  • 10 burpees

Same format as AMRAP 1.

There will be a 2-3 rest in between AMRAPs.

Thanks again for being so awesome to coach.

- Team 782