Friday, November 7, 2914

Hi! It is partner Friday and I am excited! Very excited.

As far as I can tell everyone has been working on their mobility goals. As well hope everyone is enjoying the new rowers and you will see them slowly creep into workouts over the next few weeks.


T2B practice

  • 3 L Sit Holds (with a partner hanging from the bar)
  • 2 sets strict T2B (6ish reps per set keep the legs as straight as possible and get the feet as close to the bar as possible.)
  • 3 sets kipping T2B

These last three sets you really want to work on your capacity for this movement. We see it a lot in workouts and it will be in the open so we want you to feel as comfortable as possible doing it!


8 rounds - alt. movements between partners.

8 FULL ROUNDS. A round is completed when both athletes have completed their prescribed reps for each movement. The athletes will alternate between movements. Athlete A will do 4 hang squat cleans and then athlete B will do 4 hang squat cleans. Next they will alternate through the T2B and box jumps. Only after both athletes have finished their reps for all three movements will that count as 1 ROUND!

  • 4 hang squat cleans
  • 6 T2B
  • 8 box jumps

- Team 782