Happy Halloween!!!

It is Halloween and it is Friday so we got Freaky Friday! You don't have to dress up, but what we have may scare you!



Back Squat x 3r x 5s @ 70%

A very important movement and now that we have our 1RM we can work on our percentages and get stronger everyday.


10 rounds for time. Alt with a partner.

  • 5 box jumps (higher than usual)
  • 10 thrusters (95/65#)

Partner holds weighted plank with a plate.

Partner A does a round of 5 box jumps and 10 thrusters, while partner B holds a plank with a weight on their back/butt. After finishing all 15 reps they change places and partner A will get into a plank and partner B will start with a round.

Each partner can only be working when their partner is in a plank position. If their partner comes out of a plank they must stop working. You can help one another set up the plate on the back.

A little background on this workout. I programmed and did a similar workout to this a few years ago and wanted to bring back all the fun it was for you guys.


- Team 782