Monday, October 20, 2014

Time to rise and shine! A new week is upon us. This week think about ONE thing you can do better everyday to improve your mobility. Whether that be focusing on walking in a straight line with your toes, sitting in a squat for five minutes daily, correcting your posture after sitting all day, or just as simple as taking the warmup as serious as those bicep curls we know you love doing. Whatever it is write it down (and we'll write it down on our 782 board for you) and try to make it a habit over the next 7 days.

We want you to move well in the gym, but more importantly we want you to move well all day.


Front Squat x 2 x 4 @ 80-85%

Something hard, but doable. On Thursday we will be testing our 1RM Back Squat


4 rounds for time

  • 8 front squats (95/65#)
  • 16 situps
  • 32 DU's

Something light for the front squats and a little core work as always. DU's to practice or to just get better at.

- Team 782