Sunday, October 12, 2014

IMG_0352 Sunday Funday.

Sunday is always a bit more relaxed. Everyone is a little less stressed. A little less rushed. A little more of a pop in their step. And Sundays at CrossFit that pop in the step is used, always, for an fun, yet intense WOD. Tomorrow is no different.


Pullup practice - practice our strict, kipping, and butterfly pullups. Working on weaknesses and make our strengths even stronger. We'll work on this for 15 minutes.


3 rounds - rest 3 minutes b/w each round

  • 15 pullups
  • 30 OH Walking Lunges
  • 45 Situps
  • 60 DU's

Lots of work here, but lots of rest. The goal here is do all the work unbroken, making the transitions as smooth as possible. If you don't have great pullups today is a great chance to make them better. If you don't have double unders, usually I will make you work on them during the WOD, but today we'll replace that with 120 single unders and you can work on the double unders before and after the WOD. Have fun!

P.S... All you ladies out tonight have tons of fun and we may, just may, see you in here early Sunday morning!!

(Or not)

- Team 782