Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday, Friday... Gotta get down on Friday. OK... We can all go ahead and forget that song again, but what we can't forget is that it is Friday and it is PARTNER WOD DAY!

So go ahead and find a super friend and get your butt in here and get ready to deadlift!

Before you do that check out...

it is great if you are at home and have some free time to do a few, simple mobility movements.


Deadlift x 5r x 4s @ 65%

Some light reps to strengthen up the hamstrings and keep the lower back nice and healthy


5 rounds alt. b/w you and your partner through each movement

  • 6 HSPU each
  • 7 burpees each
  • 8 deadlifts each
  • 9 MB situps each

Another bit of short interval training today. Do your reps, move over and move on, and continue like this for 5 rounds.

- Team 782