Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello! Thursday is back at ya and that means squatting for all of you!

We are going to be working on that back squat again as part of the overhead, front, and back cycle of our squats with a little ladder to finish off your day.


Back Squat x 3r x 5s @ 75%

Another chance to build up on that strength with this movement. We are all squatting very well for the past few months and we will be testing our one RM for our back squat very soon.


8:00 ascending ladder

  • 2 WBS
  • 2 Weighted Step ups (45/35)
  • 2 Pullups
  • 4 WBS, 4 weighted step ups, 4 pullups,
  • 6, 6, 6...8,8,8

This workout will get tough very, very quick. Some strategy. Get through the first few rounds (2-6) rather quickly and then find a consistent pace after that. Unlike some of my workouts this shouldn't be very deceiving. It should just be hard like it needs to be sometimes in CrossFit!

Here is a video of weighted step ups. The recommendation is to go light for this movement, especially if you have not done this before or feel uncomfortable with one legged movements.

Enjoy as always!

- Team 782