Wednesday, October 8, 2014

IslandThrowdownII Welcome back Wednesday!

Today is my last day of classes for this semester at UPEI for I begin my practicum. So I am a tad exciiiiiiiiited!

Think of what is good for you today!? (Sharing with the class is optional!)

And one thing you have to look forward to is some Olympic Lifting.


12 mins to work on the following complex

  • Snatch Balance
  • 2 OH Squats

The whole goal of the the first movement is to get you comfortable catching the snatch in a squat position. We have seen some great, great improvements in the OH squats over the past few weeks so we'll continue that positive trend.


10 min EMOM

Even: 3 Snatches

Odd: 30 DU's

See you all tomorrow!

- Team 782