Monday, October 6. 2014

Hello everyone! Monday morning has come again and that means another great start with some squatting at 782.

There have been a ton of sign ups for the Island Throwdown at CrossFit Summerside so if you still have not thrown your name in the hat yet, get to it!


Front Squats x 3r x 5s @ 75%

Working our way up in volume for these squats work on consistency through the five sets.


3 rounds of barbell work! Wahoo!

  • 12 hang cleans
  • 9 front squats
  • 6 S2OH
    • 95/65#

These movements do not need to be done unbroken, but you want to choose a weight that you could potentially do unbroken if I was standing in front of you yelling, 'DON'T DROP THE BAR!'... So have a think about that... :)

Can't wait to see you soon.

- Team 782