Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hi guys! So after a nice little day of Overhead Squatting (I think that may be the first time I have ever actually written the full name out) and a few burpees it is time to move on to a little olympic lifting in the form of the clean

After spending a little (or a lot) of time overhead and going below parallel on Tuesday we are going to stick between the feet and the shoulders for today. And that means DEADLIFTS & HANG POWER CLEANS! Who doesn't love those!

Strength + Conditioning

  • 6-8 minutes to work up to a heavy(ish)
    • 4 clean grip deadlifts + 2 hang power cleans
  • 12 min EMOM
    • even: 4 clean grip deadlifts + 2 hang power cleans
    • odd: 30-40 sec L-Sit Hold

The focus through the first two movements will be maintaining a strong posterior chain through the deadlifts and finding yourself a solid landing position with the hang power cleans. For the L-sit holds we will be going over different versions to maximize the benefit for your core.

See you all tomorrow.

- Team 782IMG_0414